Am I a Candidate for Implant Dentures?

Men and women who are missing most or all of their teeth often turn to dentures as a solution to restore their smile. While dentures and partial dentures can serve as excellent tooth replacements, many of our patients wish to achieve a greater degree of security for their restoration than these prostheses provide. At our Midlothian-area practice, Dr. Jeff T. Blackburn offers implant-supported dentures as an advanced treatment to anchor dentures to the jawbone using dental implants. This innovative technique can secure an individual’s restoration to their gumline, typically providing a more comfortable denture fit and allowing patients to eat and speak with more confidence.

Implant dentures can benefit a wide range of individuals who are searching for a more reliable alternative to traditional dentures. In general, candidates for treatment should:

Upon a consultation, Dr. Blackburn can evaluate your smile and oral health to help determine whether you are a good candidate for implant dentures. If there are signs of gum disease, they may recommend undergoing preliminary periodontal care prior to implant dentures treatment to achieve the best possible outcome.

If you would like to learn more about implant-supported dentures, or if you are ready to schedule a consultation, please contact our practice today.

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