Do I Need to Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Wisdom teeth extraction is one of the most common oral surgeries performed. Usually the last four of your 32 teeth to erupt, or “surface,” wisdom teeth are the third molars on each side of your upper and lower teeth. While not all individuals require extraction, the wisdom teeth are frequently removed when they do not erupt properly and begin to cause oral health issues, such as decay, gum disease, or infection. They can also be removed as a preventative measure in cases where developing future oral health concerns is likely.

In most cases, wisdom teeth extraction is necessary because there is not enough space in the mouth for the wisdom teeth to grow and function properly. As a result, they can become impacted, or “stuck,” in an undesirable position and cause painful symptoms. Symptoms that can indicate whether the wisdom teeth should be removed include:

Impacted wisdom teeth are a strong sign that extraction is necessary. If you have been experiencing any of the above symptoms, or if your third molars are impacted or erupting incorrectly, your wisdom teeth may require extraction. At South River Dentistry, Dr. Jeff T. Blackburn can examine the wisdom teeth and surrounding teeth to detect any irregular development of the third molars—including eruption at an angle or cases where eruption has not occurred at all—and ultimately determine whether extraction would be beneficial for you.

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