How Can I Relieve Jaw Pain From TMJ Disorder?

Some of the primary symptoms of jaw joint dysfunction include facial aches and jaw pain, as well as pain around the temples and ears. These signs can be indicative of TMJ disorder (TMD), an all-encompassing term for misalignment or malfunction of the joints that connect the jaw to the rest of the head. Feeling the symptoms of TMJ disorder throughout the day can be debilitating, making even simple actions like chewing and yawning very difficult. There are a few ways that can help reduce TMJ discomfort and minimize the extent of your symptoms, including:

In general, TMJ symptoms can worsen the longer they remain untreated. If you are contending with jaw pain from TMJ disorder, Dr. Jeff Blackburn can personalize a treatment plan to identify the root cause of your TMD and reduce your symptoms. Please contact our practice for more information about TMJ disorder, or to schedule a consultation.

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