Save a Tooth with Root Canal Treatment

It is so easy for people to have misconceptions about root canal treatment. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if you fear the procedure as well. You may be having high hopes of being able to stay away from the idea of a root canal, but a root canal in Richmond, VA is actually necessary in several cases.

Why Get the Procedure?

Many patients suffering from an infection of the root canal almost always complain of the unbearable pain that comes with it. If the tooth is still alive, the affected tooth usually becomes highly sensitive to hot and cold temperature which could continue even after the stimulus has been removed. The pain can cause severe discomfort, especially since it can be triggered randomly, even in the middle of the night as you are already getting all snuggled in your sheets.

Aside from the pain, tooth decay can extend into the deeper areas in your tooth, far beyond the root canal and tooth pulp. Worse, it can spread into the surrounding bones and tissues and lead to tooth loss.

The Surgery and What Comes After

Before the surgery the dentist will give you adequate anesthetic so the procedure can be painless. Usually there is minimal to no discomfort after the surgery. In fact, for those patients who have experienced pain prior to the procedure, they feel remarkable relief after the procedure has been completed.

You don’t have to be anxious at the thought of a root canal procedure. You are in good hands with our reliable and experienced dentists here at South River Dentistry. Contact our practice today at 804-378-7888 to request a consultation with one of our dental experts and salvage your tooth and beautiful smile with a root canal procedure. We look forward to hearing from you!

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