Why Get Invisalign® over Traditional Braces

invisalignMost of us agree that straight teeth make for a beautiful smile. However, did you know that misaligned teeth will not only affect your smile, can they make cleaning your teeth difficult and affect your bite alignment. When teeth are not properly cleaned and aligned, problems can arise over time with tooth decay, periodontal disease and TMD issues.

Braces can put teeth in their proper alignment. However, many adults tend to shy away from the process because of the appearance of metal brackets and wires that come with metal braces. This is where Invisalign® in Richmond, VA enters the picture.

Natural Smile

Invisalign® works just like traditional braces, just without the unattractive appearance of the metal bracketed braces. With its transparent look, a person wearing Invisalign® braces will appear like he or she is not wearing any aligners at all. Now there is no need to hesitate when smiling for the camera!

No More Unnecessary Discomfort

Unlike traditional braces that are not easily removed unless done by a professional, Invisalign® braces are completely removable. If you are about to eat, there is no need to endure the unpleasant appearance of debris sticking in between your braces since you can easily remove your aligners and put them back on once you’ve finished eating.

Lesser Risk for Gum Damage

In the case of conventional metal braces, the protruding bits and chunks of metal could scratch the gums or the insides of the mouth. Clear braces are made of a smooth material that’s comfortable to the teeth and gums, preventing any gum damage. It does not have any sharp edges or any bits protruding into your gum and cheek.

Experience the comfort, convenience and results that Invisalign® braces can bring. Make your teeth visibly straighter today by contacting our practice to request a consultation with our dental experts here at South River Dentistry. We look forward to meeting you!

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