General and Family Dental Care

Excellent oral care is often achieved through simple preventative measures designed to stop a dental issue from developing as well as to detect a small problem before it becomes a larger complication. Experienced dentist Jeff Blackburn, DDS has been serving the Midlothian community for decades and offers an array of general and family dentistry services to maintain your oral wellness and ensure your teeth and gums are in the best possible condition. With our team of skilled dentists and hygienists, we administer full oral health care examinations and utilize the latest diagnostic technology to address any existing concerns with exceptional accuracy and effectiveness. In attending to the unique needs of each patient, we work to extend a pleasant experience for yourself and your family by providing high-quality dental treatment in a warm and comfortable environment.

Dental Care For Children and Teens

Dr. Blackburn and his compassionate team welcome individuals of all ages at South River Dentistry, from toddlers and children to teens and adults. Dr. Blackburn is very experienced creating comprehensive treatment plans specifically tailored to the dental needs of younger patients. The goals of children and teens may include protecting teeth from decay and bacteria, addressing gum disease, utilizing fillings to repair cavities, extracting wisdom teeth, undergoing discreet teeth straightening treatment with Invisalign® clear braces, or a number of other objectives. To make treatment more pleasant, Dr. Blackburn can even use personalized sedation dentistry techniques to alleviate the varying anxiety levels of younger patients and minimize dental phobia. Furthermore, our team would be happy to provide your child with instruction and direction on how to best care for their teeth and gums while stressing the importance of adopting good oral hygiene habits early on.

How Often Should I Go to the Dentist?

Regular check-ups and professional dental cleanings are key to maintaining a healthy mouth and preventing decay, tooth loss, and infection. We recommend a visit to the dentist at least every six months to ensure your oral structures are in good condition— this is especially important for children, whose teeth are still in development and require monitoring.

Comprehensive Family Dentistry

Dental Cleanings and Check-Ups

During cleanings, our professional hygienists thoroughly brush and scrub the teeth and gums of tartar, plaque, and mild tooth decay. Our team works to cleanse the hard-to-reach areas typically missed by a regular toothbrush, and checks for any excessive bacteria buildup. In addition to serving as routine dental care, cleanings are often utilized to further improve oral health after periodontal (gum disease) treatments, bridge and crown work, root canal therapy, and other procedures.

Dental check-ups are intended to identify dental work that requires immediate or future attention. X-rays may be taken to provide a clearer picture of the positioning of your teeth and jaw; these images can be a fundamental part of evaluating the state of your bite and ensuring proper occlusion. After a comprehensive examination, our dentist will be able to create a treatment plan custom-designed to address any concerns, if they exist.

Fillings and Dental Sealants

Fillings have long been a reliable dentistry technique to strengthen a tooth damaged by decay. When a tooth has been affected by bacteria accumulation that warrants removal, the filling—composed of a durable dental material—is meant to occupy the empty space left by eliminated bacteria in order to reinforce the tooth structure. Fillings offer a relatively conservative way to enhance enamel support and restore the health of your tooth.

The back of the mouth is often more susceptible to accruing decay-causing bacteria than the front teeth, as food can become stuck within the chewing surfaces of the molars. A dental sealant is a thin coating applied to the back molars to provide extra protection against the formation of decay. While a sealant is no substitute for daily brushing and flossing, it can act as an additional layer of support against cavities and reduce the need for future fillings. This may be especially useful for children and younger patients.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our practice to learn about additional family dentistry services we offer, or call to schedule a consultation.

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