Secure Dentures

oldercouplesmilingSecure dentures, also known as implant supported dentures, are an innovative advancement in the replacement of the upper and/or lower teeth. They utilize dental implants to fix the dentures in place. Traditional dentures often lack stability and reliability, impacting your ability to speak, chew, and smile with confidence. Because they are fastened to dental implants, secured dentures should not slip, move around, or fall out. If you are struggling with traditional dentures or looking for a dependable option for replacing missing or badly damaged teeth, secure dentures may be the ideal treatment for your needs. To find out if secure dentures may be the right option for you, please contact South River Dentistry to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jeff Blackburn.

Benefits of Secure Dentures

Dentures secured with dental implants can offer several benefits over traditional removable dentures:

The Secure Denture Procedure

Before beginning the process of restoration with secure dentures, some patients may require tooth extractions, periodontal treatment, and/or placement of bone grafts to prepare the mouth and jaw for implantation. Typically, the area must be fully healed before the titanium posts can be placed. Once the treatment area is ready, Dr. Blackburn or an outside specialist can perform the procedure to place the implants. The implanted posts usually take between three to six months to fuse with the jawbone and fully heal. Next, Dr. Blackburn will take a mold of the upper and/or lower portion of the mouth, which will be used to craft the custom overdentures. When the dentures arrive from the lab, Dr. Blackburn will ensure a proper fit and snap the dentures securely in place.

Results with Secure Dentures

Patients are typically very pleased with the smile they are able to achieve with the addition of secured dentures. Individuals who were formerly missing their teeth or struggling with ill-fitting removable dentures often value the aesthetics, confidence, stability, and renewed functionality their secure dentures provide. With proper care, the implants do not usually require replacement; however, overdentures may benefit from minor maintenance at some point.

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