General Dentistry in Richmond VA

Putting off the dentist because of fear, lack of time, a bad experience? We may be able to help.

South River Dentistry can fix teeth, restore sore gums, and brighten smiles in few visits and with little or no discomfort. We can complete a lot of dental treatment with innovative dentistry and innovative techniques and instrumentation. These factors allow us to complete more treatment in a single visit instead of having you come back, again and again, when things can be completed efficiently in fewer visits. Years of dental treatment may also be done in just a few appointments, comfortably.

It is possible to not have to hide your smile or put up with pain or embarrassment.

Easing Your Dental Anxieties

For patients that have been putting off the dentist and deteriorating oral health because of fear, we can help.

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Smile Makeovers That Radiate Warmth and Beauty

Change every aspect of your mouth through the use of dental implants, crowns, veneers, dentures, tooth whitening and more.

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Permanent Dental Implants for All Ages

Whether age or an unfortunate accident has removed one of your teeth, we offer dental implants to fill the gap.

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Protect Your Mouth from Disease

Periodontal disease can hurt not just your smile but your health as a whole. Learn how to treat the effects of gum disease.

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The Dentist to Know

As a professional focused on seeing results, award-winning dentist Dr. Blackburn is one of Richmond’s best known dentists for quality care and customer service.

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How Our Dentistry Has Helped Others

Learn more about what are valued patients are saying about Dr. Blackburn’s experience and dedication to a beautiful smile.

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